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TM5 Joint Statement 2021 On 5 November 2021, the TM5 Partner Offices reached an agreement on a Joint Statement following the 2021 Annual Meeting held ...
LATEST UPDATE   2022-02-03
The recent publication carried out by KIPO concludes a study “Providing Information on How TM5 Members Describe Goods and Services” by collecting and ...
LATEST UPDATE   2021-12-24
The China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA), the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), the Japan Patent Office (JPO...
LATEST UPDATE   2021-11-26
Publication of TM5 Comparative Examination Report The TM5 partners announce the publication of the report on ‘Comparative Analysis on TM5 Trademark Ex...
LATEST UPDATE   2021-11-03
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TM5 Fraudulent Solicitations – New additions to the website The TM5 Partners remind trademark owners and applicants of the risk of scams relating to t...
LATEST UPDATE   2021-11-03
Common Statistical Indicators Brochure 2020 The report for TM5 Common Statistical Indicators has been published for 2020. This useful brochure contain...
LATEST UPDATE   2021-10-25
All TM5 Partner Offices integrated into TMview The TM5 Partners are pleased to announce that all of the TM5 Partner Offices have joined the TMview sea...
LATEST UPDATE   2021-09-02
The EUIPO has published the TM5 Catalogue of Quality Services involving users, a catalogue of user-driven initiatives developed under the framework of...
LATEST UPDATE   2020-03-31
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