IT Support for Trademark Examination

Lead Office


1. Description of project;

Phase 1 of this cooperative project, “Image Search Project,” was adopted in the Annual Meeting of the Expanded Trilateral (December, 2011) so as to solve the problem of reducing the burden of search for figurative trademarks by conducting joint research and information exchange with the aim of promoting future development of more precise/accurate image search systems.

Through the project, each TM5 Partner achieved a certain result such as developing and testing its own image search system. On the basis of this achievement, the JPO became convinced of the merit of information exchange, thus proposed and Partners agreed in the 2019 Annual Meeting to expand the project scope and add a Phase 2 to address general IT tools which support trademark examination.

Phase 2 of this cooperative project is to conduct an exchange of information regarding TM5 Partners’ IT tools for supporting trademark examination with a view to help each TM5 Partner improve its own IT tools or system for efficient trademark examination. Also, it aims at storing information among TM5 Partners so that each TM5 Partner can and will make effective use of them as referenced now and in the future when individually introducing or improving an IT tool or system.

2. Main activities