User Association Involvement

User Association Involvement

- Lead Office : JPO and EUIPO -

The aim of the project is to establish a coherent and consistent user involvement in the TM5 forum, through the following meetings and working sessions:

  1. TM5 mid-term meeting
  2. TM5 Annual meeting
  3. Workshops
  4. Involvement in TM5 collaboration projects

The benefits of User Associations in the TM5 forum imply:

  • an increased awareness of the TM5 work;
  • that the user perspective will be integrated into the projects/initiatives of the TM5 partners thereby increasing efficiency; and
  • that issues of global interest will be better addressed with users.

Recent Activities:

JPO part
  • 1st workshop, May 2017 at Barcelona:Theme “Case examples of bad faith trademark filings”
  • 2nd workshop, May 2018 at Seattle:Theme “Examination practices on non-traditional trademarks”
  • 3rd workshop, May 2019 at Boston:Theme “Global developments and research on bad faith trademark filings”
  • 4th workshop (TBA)