Raising Awareness about Trademark Infringement

Lead Office


Description of project

Since the TM5 framework was launched, the TM5 Partners have worked together to address various trademark issues by developing trademark policies and measures. However, their focus has been rather on filing and examination of trademark applications from the perspective of the Offices. The substantial purpose of the trademark registration is ensuring trademark holders to exercise their hard-earned rights by fending off infringers who attempt to exploit their trademarks.

In order to more effectively protect trademark holders suffering from trademark infringement, in particular those that occur in the online space including augmented and virtual realities, it is necessary for the TM5 Partners to share their trademark infringement cases.

Against this backdrop, KIPO would like to share legal systems and future initiatives of the Partners to address this issue, thereby compiling data based upon which TM5 Partners build an appropriate trademark system for now and future.

Project objectives

This project will look into various forms of trademark infringement resulting from new technologies in each of the TM5 jurisdictions. And the campaign to raise awareness of trademark infringement will contribute to eradicating illegal activities and protecting the rights of trademark holders.


Trademark Infringement casebook PDF