Common Status Descriptors

Lead Office


The TM5 “Common Status Descriptors” (“CSD”) Project is designed to provide trademark rights holders with quick, visual information about the status of a particular trademark application or registration.

In order to create a more user-friendly online search experience, the TM5 Partners have adopted Common Status Descriptors to use in external online trademark databases. A mark’s status is immediately clear due to the use of a designated red or green symbol. For example, below are Common Status Descriptor icons used for a file where the mark has been registered and also for a refused, dismissed or invalidated application:

Common Descriptor icons

Once an IP office receives an application to register a trademark, a “status” is assigned to that application (or to any resulting registration) depending on: (i) actions the office may take, such as grants or rejections of requests to register and requests for further information (ii) actions the applicant may take, such as modifications to the application or requests to withdraw the application; and (iii) actions that third parties may take, such as requests to cancel registrations or to oppose applications for registration.

Each of the TM5 Partners has identified the statuses of particular trademark applications or registrations on their respective web sites, and we have invited other interested IP offices to adopt these common status descriptors as well. The Partners believe it offers the benefit of a “common language” to trademark users, particularly those filing in several countries.