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Project to Improve Convenience of the Madrid Protocol by Enriching Information
May 22, '17
The System of the Protocol Relating to the Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks (hereinafter referred to as the “Madrid Protocol”) contributes to reducing the total cost....
Continuation/Expansion of Bad Faith
May 21, '17
The issue of “bad-faith trademark filings” is a common problem in the world. “Bad faith filings” could refer, for example, to trademark filings by third parties to register the identical or similar tr....
Common Statistical Indicators
Apr 10, '17
The purpose of this project is to develop and implement a process to regularly exchange statistics on the main variables of interest to the TM5 partners, and to make this information available to the ....
Providing Information on How TM5 Members Describe Goods and Services
Jan 02, '17
Project objectives The aim of this project is to enhance user convenience in identifying goods and services by providing the Partner Offices’ descriptions of acceptable goods and services, and then po....
Proposal on Project of Quality Management for Trademark Examination
Jan 01, '17
The TM5 Offices will enhance mutual understanding and trust by exchanging information on respective quality management systems and relevant initiatives. Then, the TM5 Offices will understand differenc....
Common Status Descriptors
Jul 19, '16
The TM5 “Common Status Descriptors” (“CST”) Project is designed to aid trademark right holders and other interested parties who may have dealings with two or more partner offices. Once a national IP ....
Indexing of Non-Traditional Trademarks
Jul 18, '16
This project is designed to improve and potentially harmonize the TM5 partners’ methods of searching and retrieving non-traditional trademarks. Thus, this project aims to assist trademark right holde....
TM5 Website
Jul 16, '16
KIPO aims at developing and implementing a tool to share cooperation projects among the partner offices. The website will be regularly updated with information focusing on the purpose and function of ....