Quality Management for Trademark Examination

Lead Office


Objectives of Project

The TM5 Offices will enhance mutual understanding and trust by exchanging information on respective quality management systems and relevant initiatives.

Then, the TM5 Offices will understand differences among each other in terms of their quality management systems and initiatives in order to mutually improve the quality management system of each Office by for example voluntarily reflecting information on the differences upon its own initiatives, as needed

Current Activities

  • Phase I (JPO):JPO is working to share information on the quality management of trademark examinations collected from the TM5 Offices with the Offices.
  • Phase II (EUIPO):EUIPO is working to identify and propose initiatives to involve users in quality management initiatives of the TM5 Offices.
  • 2019 TM5 Annual Meeting:The Expert Meeting will be held to exchange information on and compare the initiatives for quality management at the TM5 Offices. Also, quality management will be a topic at the User Session.