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The aim of the TMview project is to look at the possibilities of improving access to trade mark related information. Our current strategy is to expand the current TMview platform by including data from the TM5 partners.

TMview started up in 2010 and has been growing steadily since then. It is a free online tool that allows users to consult the trade marks of all participating trade mark offices at a national, international and EU level.

The users get the following overall benefits from TMview:

  1. TMview is a free of charge tool available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and year round (365 days)
  2. More than 35 million trade marks from 53 offices participating in TMview. The whole EU is covered.
  3. Multilingual user interface available in 37 languages.
  4. Outside the EU, relevant IP offices like WIPO, USPTO, KIPO and JPO among others have integrated in TMview.
  5. TMview supports the global market and makes it easier and more efficient to obtain IP protection as the provision of trade mark information in one website:
    • Raises transparency.
    • Lowers the barrier for global expansion.
  6. Because of the complete information in one location, the users only have to check the existing trade marks once. This means the users save
    • Time
    • Costs
  7. The harmonisation of data provision using only one multilingual platform:
    • Allows the users to navigate and view the information in their own language.
    • Increases the understanding.
    • Improves the examination predictability.
    • Gives a more secure user experience.
  8. User-friendly interface easy to use by professional and non-professional users which allows:
    • Advanced search using complex criteria.
    • Filter functionality to refine the list of results.

What can TMview be used to? Users can:

  1. Gain first hand trade mark information updated according to the business rules of the participating offices.
  2. Check for the availability of a trade mark name (e-filing pre-clearance).
  3. Discover what competitors are protecting.
  4. View details on trade marks such as legal status, graphic representation, list of goods and services, etc.
  5. View the trade marks details in the office of origin.
  6. Print or export trade mark information to PDF & Excel.
  7. Create and receive email alerts when a trade mark changes status, applicant/owner or the opposition period is close to an end.
  8. Carry out a Fuzzy search for similarly spelled trademarks.
  9. Translate the list of goods and services thanks to TMclass.

TMview is a cooperation project between the EUIPO, WIPO and the national trademark offices. In order to allow the TM5 partners to decide on the possible integration of their office into TMview, a detailed analysis study will be done per office. This analysis will evaluate the necessary workload and resources and estimate a possible time frame needed for the integration. Once the office agrees to join TMview, an integration plan will be set up and agreed upon.

Several benefits can be derived from the realisation of the TMview project. By participating in TMview, an office:

  1. Will get a working tool for its trade mark examiners.
  2. Will make its trade mark information available online to the global public.
  3. Will gain more visibility. It is more likely that an office is easily seen across the world. The office optimises its visibility internationally.
  4. Will distribute more information about its IP rights.
  5. Will gain efficiency in dissemination and sharing of information on IP matters.
  6. Is more likely to see an increase in the use of its IP rights, e.g. trade marks.
  7. Will contribute to increase the international IP awareness on trade marks.
  8. Will get an enforcement support tool for decision-makers (e.g. judges, customs, etc.) in case of conflict between parties and anti-counterfeit actions.
  9. Will contribute to increase interoperability and accessibility of databases (e.g. TM/DS e-Filing, CESTO, enforcement database).
  10. Will save time and costs because of increased automated processes.
  11. Will contribute to the development of common and standardized practices.
  12. Will support the global IP users.