TM5 Joint Communication Action

Lead Office


The main objective of this project is to share information on communication practices and strategies among the TM5 partners and to identify potential opportunities to communicate about TM5.

Another central objective of the project is to implement specific actions oriented to foster awareness on the aims, activities, upcoming news and events of TM5 as well as to disseminate the project outcomes and results to a large audience. The objective is not to implement numerous communication actions, but to identify opportunities and to develop actions that are beneficial for the TM5 partners in the most cost effective way.

The project would be building on the TM5 Website project which had the following objectives:
• Share resources regarding TM5 respective offices, such as trademark laws, examination guidelines and
legal developments
• Share details and progress about TM5 collaboration projects
• Update website with information focusing on the purpose and function of the TM5
• Disseminate information online to users and the general public

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