EUIPO – Fees and Payments

Fees and payments

Basic fee
EUR 900 to file online(e-filing) or EUR 1050 if you use the paper form
In either case, if your application covers more than three classes of goods and services there is a fee of EUR 150 for each additional class.
The basic fee is due within one month from the date the application is received at EUIPO (or at the national office).
The date on which any payment shall be considered to have been made to the Office shall be the date on which the amount of the payment or of the transfer is actually entered in a bank account held by the Office. Deemed date of payment (see Article 8 of the Fees Regulation). If you miss the one-month deadline to pay the application, your application will not be refused but the filing date will no longer be the date of receipt of your application but the date of receipt of the payment.
EUIPO will not issue a request for payment. If a confirmation receipt of payment is required, a request must be sent by fax for the attention of the Finance Department (+34 96 513 1344).
: You can pay CTM fees in the following ways: by credit card, by bank transfer and via a current account held with EUIPO. EUIPO provides an online service to account holders to access their current account information.
Credit card
: If you file an application electronically, payment by credit card is the recommended method for most users, unless they are regular or heavy users of the CTM system. Payments by card avoid the extra charges that banks normally make for cross-border payments, and they allow EUIPO to make the best use of automatic internal systems, so that we can begin work on the file more quickly.
Payment by credit card is not yet possible for all EUIPO services, but we are extending the system so that, in time, it should cover most of them. To pay by credit card, you must provide some essential information. The information you disclose will not be stored by EUIPO in any permanent database. It will only be kept until it is sent to the bank. You can safely enter your entire credit card number via our secure server, which encrypts all information submitted. You must select the credit card that you wish to use for payment. Currently, EUIPO accepts payments via VISA, MasterCard and EuroCard.
You must also provide your 16-digit credit card number, as well as the expiry date of your card. The credit card number, as explained, will not be stored after sending it to the bank. Any record of the form will only include the credit card name (VISA, MasterCard or EuroCard) plus the last four digits of the credit card number. You must also include your credit card Security Code.
Bank transfers : Bank transfers must be to one of the following accounts of EUIPO:
* Some computer programmes do not accept the last three digits XXX of the BIC code. Should this be the case, users must indicate BBVAESMM or CAIXESBB.
** It is important to make the transfer indicating, by the term “OUR”, that you assume any bank charges in order to allow receipt of the full amount due by EUIPO. However, if you are making a SEPA payment, then the default SEPA specification “SHA” is required. SEPA is a new common European payments system, utilised by most banks in all 27 EU Member States and 4 additional European countries.
We will not be able to process the payment, and link it to your file, unless we have certain information. Most banks use a third-party bank for foreign payments and all such information is not always transmitted to the third-party bank. Therefore, please clearly instruct your bank to include the following data with the transfer:
  1. CTM number or e-filing reference number
  2. Payer name and address
  3. Nature of the fee.
For further clarification, please see EUIPO’s recommendations concerning payments by bank transfer. Additionally, if you are a new applicant, you should fill in the payment information document and send it by fax to the Finance Department (0034 96 513 9113).
Current account with EUIPO Payment by EUIPO current account is particularly useful for frequent users, and has a number of advantages:
  1. All fees are automatically debited on the final date for payment, or in accordance with clients’ wishes
  2. You have instant on-line access to the state of your account, providing fast information about the latest transactions
  3. Retention of rights
  4. Aggregate payments can be remitted
  5. Bank charges are reduced
  6. You have the option to withhold fees

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