Notice on Simplifying the Materials and Procedures for Application of Madrid Registrations

To comprehensively implement SAIC’s Opinions on Strengthening Trademark and Brand Strategy Implementation and Promoting Chinese Brand Building, to facilitate Madrid International Registrations, to better serve going out strategy, the materials and procedures for applications for Madrid International Registration were therefore simplified as follows:

I. Copy of Notice of Acceptance of Application for Trademark Registration or Trademark Certificate is not required when filing application for Madrid International Registration. Relevant information is subject to the acceptance or registration information in our trademark examination system. Copy of Certificate for the mark after modification, transfer, renewal or other following procedures is also not required. English name certificate is neither required for that already listed in Chinese application.

II. Copy of Certificate for International Registration is not required when filing following procedures for Madrid International Registration. English name certificate is neither required for that already listed as transferee in Chinese transfer application.

III. Approval of change in name or address of basic mark is not the precondition for filing the change for international registration. Relevant certificate is not required if change of basic mark approved. Copy of document issued by business registration department or downloaded archive could be used to certify the change in name or address if the change of basic mark is still pending.

Above method is to be implemented as of the date of notice.




Trademark Office

State Administration for Industry and Commerce

August 23, 2017