China’s total applications for trademark registration exceeded 10 million

China’s total applications for trademark registration exceeded 10 million

As of March 29, 2012, China has witnessed its trademark total applications and cumulative registrations reaching 10,000,346 and 6,892,999 respectively, firmly maintaining the global leader, according to the statistics released by SAIC.
In recent years, the trademark applications for registrations in China have been growing steadily and rapidly. The annually trademark applications have exceed 1 million for two successive years. In 2011, the number hit a historic high record of 1.4168 million, up 32% over 2010 and doubling the number of 2008. The trademark applications have topped the world for ten successive years. In addition, 288.9 thousand applications were submitted during the first quarter of 2012, increased by 7.7% on a year-on-year basis.
Awareness of the rapid growth of the number of trademark applications, SAIC based upon realities, taped potentials, took several measures and responded positively. One measure is to deeply carry out the services for people and to excel in performances in window positions such as trademark registration hall, to continuously enhance service awareness and effectively improve service performances, to implement a series of service measures such as optimizing the workflow to facilitate the public taking the first standard of the satisfaction of applicants, and to implement the requirements of people-oriented, administration for the people into action. The second measure is to extend the service from windows to intangible areas, to continuously innovate service measures, to further improve online search, gazette in China Trademark Website and online applications for trademark agencies, therefore to provide more convenient channels for worldwide applicants. The third measure is to optimize inner trademark examination divisions, to innovate examination mechanism, to improve the quality and efficiency. The trademark examination period has shortened from 36 months in 2008 to within 10 months currently, confirming to the international standard.
The figure of exceeding 10 million in total trademark applications is an important milestone in China’s trademark development history. It strongly confirmed the prominent achievements of the CPC central committee and the State Council in consolidating and expanding the results of overcoming the international financial crisis impact, and in promoting a stable and rapid economic development. It fully reflected the AIC systems to firmly grasp the theme of scientific development and the main line of accelerating the transformation of economic development mode, and the prominent results to comprehensively implemented the trademark strategy and effectively enhanced the protection to trademark exclusive rights. It also fully reflected that implementation of trademark strategy, cultivation of independent brands, and promoting of economic innovation and development have increasingly became the consensus of the local party committees and local governments at all levels and the enterprises. Effective trademark registration and protection system further boosted the confidence of the applicants whose enthusiasm to file applications upsurged continuously.
In 2012, SAIC will continue to take and make good use of the important strategic opportunity for trademark development, focus on services to build an innovation-oriented country, aim at trademarks’ scientific development, and concentrate on improving efficiency of trademark registrations and managements to further perfect the trademark laws, improve the trademark registration and management mechanism, strengthen the construction of trademark services system, and enhance trademark administrative efficiency, thus comprehensively facilitate the implementation of trademark strategy, promote China from a nation leading in trademark quantities to a trademark giant, and greet the convening of the 18th congress of CPC with outstanding achievements!