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Regionally Based Collective Trademark System   In recent years, nationwide projects promoting (regional brands) have been actively underway. These projects are desig...
LATEST UPDATE   2015-06-04
Overview of the Trademark System History of the Korean trademark system What is a trademark? Concept of a trademark under the Trademark Act Concept of a service mark Conc...
LATEST UPDATE   2015-06-04
Application Procedure for Trademarks (KIPO) Overview Trademarks and service marks are protected in the Republic of Korea under the Trademark Act; and for such protection,...
LATEST UPDATE   2015-06-04
Value of production of agricultural products and foodstuffs, wines, aromatised wines and spirits protected by a geographical indication (GI)   This study, financed b...
LATEST UPDATE   2015-06-04
“Ornamental” Refusal and How to Overcome This Refusal   What is an “Ornamental” Refusal? An ornamental refusal is when the USPTO refuses registration of an applied-f...
LATEST UPDATE   2015-06-04
How 100% Electronic Communication Can Save Time and Money   While more than 98% of trademark applications are now filed electronically, only 77% are being prosecuted...
LATEST UPDATE   2015-06-04
“Specimen” Refusal and How to Overcome This Refusal What Is a “Specimen” Refusal? The USPTO issues a specimen refusal when your sample of how you use your applied-for mar...
LATEST UPDATE   2015-06-04
Modernisation of the European Trade Mark System – Frequently Asked Questions – See also IP/13/287   I. Trade marks – the context What is the function of ...
LATEST UPDATE   2015-06-04
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